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The Pro’s and Con’s of Posting Content Daily

    It is fairly well established at this point that effective content marketing is probably the most reliable way to get large volumes of qualified leads for your business. However, new information from marketing studies conducted by the experts at HubSpotand Social Media Examinerindicate that while posting regularly is great, posting daily can generate some serious rewards. In fact, last year, businesses that posted daily on their blogs acquired roughly five times as many leads as businesses that posted weekly. Perhaps even more telling, those businesses posting daily acquired nearly double the number of customers through their blogs than did their less-frequently-posting counterparts.

    “But wait, daily posting is a huge commitment!” you’re probably thinking. You’re right. And not every business will benefit to the same degree from making that commitment. Some businesses will do just fine with half the leads or customers generated by the daily posters, and many cannot afford the time commitment daily posting requires. To help you identify how often you, personally, should be posting content, we have assembled a list of three pro’s and three con’s for daily posting.

    3 Pro’s for Daily Posting

    1. So. Many. Leads. As we mentioned, daily posters get four or even five times more leads than businesses that post weekly or even twice a week. Those are some pretty attractive statistics.
    2. Your audience starts to look for you.Daily posters usually have more dedicated readerships, which is particularly important for internet marketers, publishers, and educators who are most likely to generate revenue through online sales or advertising. When your audience is clamoring for you, that’s a good feeling and a good foundation for your business.
    3. It’s good for SEO.A website with a blog is more likely to be ranked higher in the search engines than one without, but a website with a good, bulky, valuable blog is more likely to be ranked near the top than a website with a merely adequate volume of valuable content.

    3 Con’s for Daily Posting

    1. It’s difficult. Most people struggle to create valuable, compelling content that meets both their target market’s needs and the search engines’ requirements. Make that struggle a daily one, and you could soon be stressed out and out of time for other business activities.
    2. Blogging is time-consuming. While a few lucky, inspired individuals claim they can bang out thousands of words in just an hour or so, most people require several hours to write an article half that length. If you do not have a content strategist on staff, you may find daily blogging leaves you out of time for everything else.
    3. It’s not always necessary.Not every business needs four or five times the leads. In fact, some small businesses would drown if they had this generally positive problem. If you are not in a position to leverage that volume of leads, you may not need to post articles daily.

    Blogging Frequency is Part of Your “Secret Sauce”

    Every business is different, and, by extension, every business has different content needs. Take the time to carefully evaluate not just what you would hope to accomplish with daily blogging, but also what the process might cost you in terms of time and resources that could be focused elsewhere. A good content strategist should be able to sit down with you and advise you whether daily blogging is a need in your business, then all you have to do is assign the writing projects!