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How to Measure Engagement With Your Audience

    Once you have the key content in place, you want some way to measure engagement with your online audience to see if this is working.

    One of the best ways to measure this is by adding an inbound marketing program to your content. We can also help you with this.

    Sometimes people confuse content marketing and inbound marketing. The important thing is to do both. Inbound marketing is a great way to measure the ROI of your content marketing.

    For instance, if you create a great piece of content that helps your potential customer solve their problem with content you create, they will be more than willing to give you their email address in exchange for that great piece of content.

    You create a form for them to fill out which they will gladly do if the content you are providing is so valuable they might even pay for it as author Jay Baer says at

    Then, using this core piece of content, you can create additional marketing spokes around this hub which include email newsletters, social media and more.

    Once you have engaged the customer you can nurture that lead over time. The customer may not buy today, but they will remember you and how helpful you were and how you stood out from all the others they visited.

    Other ways to measure engagement

    One easy first step to engagement is simple contests. Make contests that are easy and fun to play. One of the best to start with is one where a few of your audience members submit photos – such as a favorite pet or a favorite vacation spot – then let the rest of the audience vote for their favorites. You can give away a gift cards to a few of the top winners.

    Also quizzes that test knowledge are fun as well and easy to build. Frequently you can get a sponsor on the contest as well.