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Help, Not Sell, To Engage Customers

    Is Your Content Strong Enough To Help?

    The goal of your website, and the content you have there, should be to attract, engage customers and delight customers online.

    The stronger the content for your target audience, the more visitors you will attract. More visitors mean more leads and more leads mean more customers and more sales.

    This is the core of what you have probably heard called content marketing. The key is having great content, at the right time for the right audience. You do not always need a lot of content. But the content you have must be top quality and address what your audience needs to know and not what you want to tell them – or push at them.

    You should know your audience and what are their “pain points” that you can help them with. You are the expert and talk to customers all the time. Listen to what they are telling you and asking you. Then begin building that content to reflect what they are telling you and then test, test, test to see if that is working to engage them.

    Then, you can design a core of great content about your and begin engaging and delighting your customers.My friend Jay Baer has written a great book on helping that you may find useful here.

    Delight and engage your customers.

    What Content Will Engage Customers?

    First you need to understand what your audience is currently using the most. What content are your customers clicking on most frequently on your website and in your email marketing? Are you listening to them, or just pushing to them what you want to give them. Remember the customer is the key to growing your audience so figure out what they are using and build more of that type of content.

    Also figure out what content you are providing that your audience is not using and stop doing that type of content so you can focus your valuable time and resources on the right content. That is the key to growing your audience.