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5 Blogging Facts to Inspire Your Content in 2019

    Even the most prolific and gifted writers get “writer’s block” from time to time. But what do you do when your writer’s block is hurting your business? Bloggers, more than any other type of writer, are likely to suffer from mental blocks when creating content. This is due, in large part, to the immediately responsive and highly interactive nature of the internet. You post, then you immediately hear about what is wrong with your post. Even worse, you post, but you hear nothing at all. Most bloggers spend vast amounts of time in various stages of panic and depression waiting to find out what their readership thinks about what they posted.

    Here’s a tough truth that will set you free if you feel this way: You’re worrying about the wrong things.

    For the vast majority of businesses out there, blogging is not best utilized when you are trying to “go viral” or make your readership insanely happy or intensely amused with every post. Instead, blogging for business is the very fine (and doable) art of telling it like it is. Your job, as a blogger for your business, is to make sure that the people who want and need your product or service:

    1. Know they want or need it
    2. Know how to evaluate their options
    3. Know how to reach you, since you are the best guy or gal for the job

    Amusement, insta-fame, and general praise do not play into this at all and, with the release of all that pressure, you should find it much easier to get past that writer’s block! However, if you are still struggling, here is a short list of our favorite blogging facts to inspire and motivate you to keep that content coming in 2019:

    Blogging Fact #1: You are 434% more likely to get a top ranking in search results if your website has a blog. (Tech Client)

    That’s right: your odds are exponentially higher that you will be seen by those folks we just mentioned, the ones who want and need you or your service, if your website has a blog. So start typing!

    Blogging Fact #2: Blogging just 11 times a month generates about three times the traffic as blogging 10 times or fewer a month for B2B companies and about 4 times the leads for B2C companies. (Hubspot)

    If you are already blogging two or three times a week, consider adding just one more posteach month and hitting that sweet spot at 11. It can really pay off in terms of traffic, and your audience will appreciate the extra attention. Remember, you’re in this to educate, not just entertain. Every blog post is a public service for the people who need your product!

    Blogging Fact #3: How-to posts and case studies are considered the most credible content. (Social Marketing Writing)

    That’s right: Back off, writer’s block! You can tell people your success stories all day long (or all year long, for that matter) and generate huge amounts of credibility for your business and yourself in the process. Think it’s coincidence that educational blogs full of real case studies belong to the thought leaders in every industry? It’s not. Those people are thought leaders nowbecause they were credible experts first.

    Blogging Fact #4: 43 percent of readers admit they skim most blog posts. (Hubspot)

    Before you get your feelings hurt, think about what this means (and then go back and read the entire article, buddy!) This means you really need to ease up on the pressure you are probably placing on yourself to make every word a truly memorable masterpiece. Instead of worrying about your fine print, worry about your bold print. If you can write some really solid headlines and subheadings, you will be well on your way to attracting and keeping your readers’ attention.

    Blogging Fact #5: Adding an image could snag you 94 percent more views. (Impact)

    If you’re feeling a little short on things to say, add an image to your post. In fact, consider adding several relevant images or graphics. Not only will this help break up your content, but it makes it far more attractive to search engines and “sticky” for actual readers. Just another way to alleviate that pressure…

    Still Got the Block? You Have Options.

    If all of this information motivated you to have a blog but has not necessarily removed your personal writer’s block, don’t worry. You have options! Here are a few work-arounds for writer’s block that the best in the business use so that their audiences never know when their creativity runs a little dry:

    • Write extra articles when you’re feeling good, so you have posts saved for a rainy day
    • Rewrite an old post with updated information or insights
    • Record yourself talking about a relevant topic, then have that recording transcribed
    • Ask readers to submit questions, then answer one whenever you need a fast bit of inspiration
    • Hire another writer! Most daily bloggers do not write their own content. They say they do, but they don’t. They pay professionals whose entire job is to not have writer’s block and to write relevant, compelling content that will help raise search engine rankings and attract the right audience to their articles.

    So, if you are feeling overwhelmed by the writing process but you know you have to keep going for the good of your business, do not give up. You have plenty of options (and plenty of inspiration) right here.